Sex, Celibacy, and Other Freaky Stuff[Quickie Conversation 18]


On this week’s episode, J.T. and Mike discuss sex before marriage, celibacy, and much more since one topic always leads them to other discussions. A big Thank You goes out to Shanta for submitting this week’s main topic based on DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good’s new book , “The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love”.

If you have a topic that you’d like for us to discuss during our Quickie Conversations, let us know!!!

One thought on “Sex, Celibacy, and Other Freaky Stuff[Quickie Conversation 18]

  • February 22, 2016 at 2:04 PM

    Hey J.T. and Mike B.! Entertaining as always. I appreciate that you didn’t want to mispronounce my name J.T. LOL Don’t worry about it, people have been calling me Shon-ta all my life. I use to question my Mom on the way she chose to spell my name. LOL

    Hey, you guys covered it all! Great conversation/interview. LOL

    I would say that I don’t know if being sexually incompatible is actually a thing. I know a lot of folks think it is but incompatible, to me, implies biology. Something about their make up physically or chemically doesn’t match with yours. Men and women were built to be compatible. I think bad sex is more of a mental thing. For some reason you and the person are not mentally connecting so the physical suffers. Also, like J.T. was saying that he don’t want to be with a board, technique and just paying attention to your partners wants and needs makes all the difference.

    Thanks for discussing the topic I sent in! 🙂

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